The Not Too Serious Architecture Hour

September 5, 2020

2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Special Guest Appearance on
The Not Too Serious Architecture Hour
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I will be showing a lot of photos of the Boynton house over the years – from 1910 to the present. If you love reality home-renovating projects, you’ll love this event.

Ask questions, answer polls, and maybe get brought onto the air with us for a live conversation!

Kim Bixler is the author of Growing Up in a Frank Lloyd Wright House and can be seen in the PBS documentary Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House:  The Next Hundred Years.  Kim Bixler’s family owned Wright’s prairie-style Edward E. Boynton house (1908) from 1977 to 1994.  She started giving tours when she was eight years old – sharing Wright’s architectural design details, revealing her favorite hiding spots and dodging the habitually leaky roof.  A graduate of Cornell University, Bixler has traveled the country giving lectures at numerous Wright sites including Taliesin West, Unity Temple, the Darwin Martin House, Wright’s Mason City Iowa sites, the Marin County Civic Center and the Hollyhock House. Kim will recount the tumultuous history of the house through an engaging multi-media presentation of family photographs, historical documents and personal anecdotes. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear firsthand the unforgettable story of growing up in a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.