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Slide 3 Musical productions
Peachtree City | Original Song

Lyrics: Kim Bixler 
Music: Stephen Anthony Elkins
Performed by: Veronica Mansour
Children are dying at an alarming rate under the influence of unregulated, over-the-counter substances. A mother recalls her late son’s life.
Just This Moment | Original Song

Lyrics: Kim Bixler 
Music: Carlos Bauzys
Performed by: Carlos Bauzys
A visit to a waterfall helps a young man overcome heartbreak.
Isograms | Stop Motion Musical Short Film

Lyrics: Kim Bixler
Animation: Kim Bixler 
Music, Additional Lyrics & Sung by: Michael Oosterhout
What are the longest words (isograms) using non-repeating letters? Can a song be created, and sung, comprised of only isograms?
3-D Animated Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Edward E. Boynton House (1908) in Rochester, New York

Lyrics: Kim Bixler Music: Einar Adalsteinsson
Animations: Razin Kahn
Inspired by the Poem Creation by Mina Matin
The Advice Column | NYU Tisch’s GMTWP Broadway Loft, New York

Book & Lyrics: Kim Bixler
Additional Lyrics & Music: Michael Oosterhout

A young married couple seek help from a newspaper advice columnist, unaware that the columnist has her own agenda.
For Richer or For Poorer | New Musicals, Inc. Broadwater Theatre, Los Angeles

Book: Kim Bixler Lyrics: Greg Beattie
Music: Michael Turnblom Director: John Coppola
In order to pay for his wedding, Heath decides to rob a bank, only to find himself in a never-ending loop the day of his nuptials.
Condiment War! | Musical Puppet Show

Concept: Kim Bixler & James Powers
Music: James Powers
Puppeteers: The Bixlers & The Gallaghers 
The five armies of condiments are in all out battle for world (and hamburger) domination!
Man on a Diving Board | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Concept: Einar Adalsteinsson & Kim Bixler
Computer Programmer: Einar Adalsteinsson
Lyrics: Kim Bixler & a computer
This interactive, Artificial Intelligence (AI) experience is based on weather, traffic patterns and a painting from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in NYC.