Guaranty Building designed by FLW’s mentor Louis Sullivan

July 8, 2013

5:30pm – 7:30pm

Monday, July 8th
5:30 – 6:00pm – Registration, Lobby Viewing and Video Tour/History of Guaranty Building
6:00 – 7:30pm – Presentations and Q&A by Flynn Battaglia Architects & Kim Bixler

How local law firm Hodgson Russ LLP reinvigorated Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building and What is it like Growing Up in a Frank Lloyd Wright House.

Guaranty Building
140 Pearl Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

Sponsored by Hodgson Ross LLP & Flynn Battaglia Architects

1.5 CEUS Available

Space limited

Kim Bixler’s family owned Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1908 Edward E. Boynton House in Rochester, New York, from 1977 to 1994. The Boynton House is one of Wright’s stunning prairie-style private homes. During its construction, the world-renowned architect was frequently on-site, supervising all details, including the design of the furniture (seventeen pieces still remain in the house). In her multi-media presentation, Kim recounts the joys and pitfalls of owning and living in a Wright-designed home. Living with the public’s curiosity, playing hide-and-seek, coping with the habitually leaky roof and managing constant renovations make this an unforgettable story. Kim Bixler just published her latest book Growing Up in a Frank Lloyd Wright House. She is also featured in the upcoming PBS documentary Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years.


How do you run a modern law firm in an historical gem? The Guaranty Building (or Prudential Building) was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor Louis Sullivan. Completed in 1894, the building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1975. Discover why Louis Sullivan was such an important figure in Wright’s life and what led to 27 years of silence between them.